A Letter To Myself…

Dear Me,

Your heart and your brain don’t always match; just like fire and rain are never accompliances to one another. This world doesn’t have just one but rather quite a lot of faces which take years and maybe even lifetimes to experience or witness. You are very fortunate and yet very dreaded to have seen so many this far.

There is always a chain of cons tagging along a pro. Similarly all the good has a dark overcast. Beware of that. Beware of your weak self. You are very strong but you are highly experienced in falling into disguised manipulations . Choose wisely, even if it leaves you standing alone, beacuse the comapny of none is better than the company of wrong. Heck why worry for company, when the Merciful and Compassionate Lord of the Heavens is closer to you than you yourself.

Distance; makes things smaller and clearer. Man up! Nobody is pure at heart, some might not even have one. You look for good in everyone doesn’t mean people reflect. The world is ready to pounce at your slightest mistake but won’t appreciate your greatest deeds and sacrifices.

Help; that is something you do out of nature. Don’t change yourself, just restrict yourself. For the prettiest and most prized jewels are always kept in hiding. Treausres like you may be misused, but it isn’t the end of the world. Don’t take it to heart, for there were always pirates in search for the treasure. Chin up, smile like nothing happened. Masks on. Don’t let them know they hurt you. For you are strong, don’t let the wind blow you down.

Love; you deserve it and will recieve it at the right time, by the right people. All else is false. Limits mean most and morals define your character. Keep those safe and you’re good. For everything else, bygones be bygones.

Let Karma do its job and TRUST GOD… For all that happens has a good reason behind it.

Best of luck.

Until Next Time


On Repeat…

With the on going world atrocities, and the violence everywhere, I felt this jolt of humanity run through me. Knowing that I was as helpless in helping people as they were in helping themselves, I decided the least I could do was at least let my words be my voice; use my ability to write and reach out to others in my favour and do my little part of spreading the tiniest amount of ray of light on what we are doing to our own kind. Hope it does reach out to people who actually have the power of doing something about it and bring world peace. Here’s one of my very own poem, which reflects upon the pain the oppressed go through. It haunts them in ways you and I can’t even begin to imagine. Therefore, extend a hand to fellow humans, start with a kind gesture, even as small as a smile or a hand to carry the groceries. We search for life on other planets but we forget that we should make this world a place worth living for.

So here go my feelings, tumbling in probably the most amateur manner, but at least my soul will be light knowing I did something I had the power to do. Create a ripple, that’s all I’d hope.

“The fear of strike,

Or the dawning light,

I don’t know what scares him more…

The twinkle in his eyes

Is lost behind

The tears that rolled down to the floor…

Because hell broke loose,

He doesn’t know what to do,

He’s just waiting for his turn…

Nothing else bothers his mind,

He’ll grab whatever he finds,

To escape the fire

In which his dreams burn…

They say sticks and stones

May break your bones,

Well they really do…

When we don’t rise,

It’s he who’ll pay the price

To him it’s nothing new…

Our silence begins,

But his will never end,

He shows no sign of defeat…

If you heard him,

They just hurt him,

Too bad his story’s on repeat.”

Until next time…

The main point is…


Pictures sometimes end up saying more than they show. At this moment, all I can get from this picture is how we humans, let alone nations, all have the same basic idea but we have different ways of implementing our statements and ideology, which not only leads to misunderstandings but also major chaos. So, the only task for us to do now is to accept, learn and hear one another before passing out boderlines of our thoughts. Maybe the other person believes in the same thing you do but just because you differ in ways and tend to overpower them, they may end up going against you. Human race needs to learn that we may be called mankind, but we need to prove that MAN IS KIND!

Until next time…

You do the math…


This is what the world needs to learn more about…
I have seen people rejecting other peoples ideas without even realising its just as right as theirs is. Why is it that man always has to be right, and is never willing to accept his mistakes. Always know that there is more than just one side of the picture and that looking at a painting you can never guess the exact emotions and thoughts fillend in colour by the artist, so why be so cruel and reject others thinking….
Respect is everyone’s right, grant it.
Until next time…

Quote of the Day

And so it is said that to love, we should learn how to appreciate. Therefore, never take anything you value for granted, appreciate its beauty, starting with the beauty of its existence in your life.

Until next time…