On Repeat…

With the on going world atrocities, and the violence everywhere, I felt this jolt of humanity run through me. Knowing that I was as helpless in helping people as they were in helping themselves, I decided the least I could do was at least let my words be my voice; use my ability to write and reach out to others in my favour and do my little part of spreading the tiniest amount of ray of light on what we are doing to our own kind. Hope it does reach out to people who actually have the power of doing something about it and bring world peace. Here’s one of my very own poem, which reflects upon the pain the oppressed go through. It haunts them in ways you and I can’t even begin to imagine. Therefore, extend a hand to fellow humans, start with a kind gesture, even as small as a smile or a hand to carry the groceries. We search for life on other planets but we forget that we should make this world a place worth living for.

So here go my feelings, tumbling in probably the most amateur manner, but at least my soul will be light knowing I did something I had the power to do. Create a ripple, that’s all I’d hope.

“The fear of strike,

Or the dawning light,

I don’t know what scares him more…

The twinkle in his eyes

Is lost behind

The tears that rolled down to the floor…

Because hell broke loose,

He doesn’t know what to do,

He’s just waiting for his turn…

Nothing else bothers his mind,

He’ll grab whatever he finds,

To escape the fire

In which his dreams burn…

They say sticks and stones

May break your bones,

Well they really do…

When we don’t rise,

It’s he who’ll pay the price

To him it’s nothing new…

Our silence begins,

But his will never end,

He shows no sign of defeat…

If you heard him,

They just hurt him,

Too bad his story’s on repeat.”

Until next time…


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