The Magic in Our Lives

They say to love is to catch a glimpse of heaven and it is the purest form of magic present on earth. Love doesn’t necessarily need to be intimate but it can also be the smallest things that bring a smile to your face even with a mere thought. Love is heaven on earth; its the warmth, protection, security and the promise of never leaving your side. Family, friends are the basic love everyone is granted with, but further on in life we take the love we get and spread it around, gaining more in return. This is the spark in our lives that can turn showers into sunshines. It doesn’t need to be specific, you can love a place, a story, a food, a song, heck even a flavour and we know the tremendous amount of joy that can only be brought by them. These little things in life create magic, but it is sad to see that people who are themselves so capable of love can also be so dark and do terrible things to their fellow humans. Everyone deserves love in their life, just as every fairy tale deserves magic in it. If you find someone without love, give them something to love, this way life for everyone can be the beautiful, benevolent journey. And you may never know you may even end up saving a few lives. Love Your Life.

ImageUntil next time…


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