Lying- Not an option…

There come times when we find ourselves stuck in situations in which telling the truth may seem to sunk us further into the abyss of regret and shame. We decide to fall back and try finding ways to avoid further conflict and get out of trouble as soon as possible. And what do we opt for in that process? LYING. Yes the most dreaded, yet somehow effective method. We believe, no, we make ourselves believe that these little white lies may not hurt anyone and may dissolve the matter quietly, and they carry out their job as perfectly as described, but then there comes a time when the reality surfaces. Call it karma or balance of life, but the lies somehow get out and the the absolute opposite of all that we planned happens. The people we wanted to protect with these lies end up being even more hurt than they were going to be in the first place. This kills you inside and you suddenly find yourself in the quicksand of karma. The more you try to set things right, the faster everything keeps falling apart. 

So the main idea is to remain truthful no matter what, because you may mess things up for just that time being, but they’ll eventually fade; however, if you remain adamant about your lie, there are chances you may not even get a second chance.


Until next time…



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