Deadly Revenge Or Elegant Victory…


There is a river of venom flowing in our veins along with the blood of a warrior; all we need to know is to not let the venom poison us and make us something we’re not. This delicate balance is often tipped by us in many situations when we react unnecessarily, or don’t react at all. Reactions don’t often mean that you punch someone in the face, but rather responding is reacting. Now the basic way to respond is to raise your voice about something. See, so now in these situations, the main question is to speak or not to speak.


We go through a lot everyday and we use the three kinds of silences throughout the day. You must be wondering that silence is a mere state and how can it further have three more states? Here’s how. If every coin can have two faces, every picture can have two sides, so why can’t silence have three meanings?

Let’s start with the first type of silence! The first type of silence is what I like to call the Superior Silence; it is usually used when trying to end a fight. No matter how much the other person keeps instigating you to show a reaction, but if you remain silent, you have the upper hand and eventually things cool off without you needing to lose your class.

The second type of silence is the Spiteful Silence; usually used when you are ignoring a person for some reason. Now most people don’t tend to know but their silence does hurt the other person, which is why it is called the spiteful silence. Remember, if your silence is affecting your relation with anyone you love, it’s not worth it to keep your fort up and hurt them, doing the exact thing they did to you. However, there are other times when you remain quiet in order to NOT hurt someone, well that is classy silence. 

The third and final silence is the Serene Silence; this silence is absolutely necessary in our lives. We have so much going on in our lives that we need to stop and think about everything and that is not possible with you gossiping around or just chatting away pointlessly. So get yourself an appointment for some you time and give yourself this promised silence.


All three silences are absolutely necessary and the right use of each helps us mature and bring about immense changes in our personalities; positive changes. They say that if Speech is Silver, then Silence is Gold. So value your silence and know its power. Never speak when unnecessary and never remain silent when it’s necessary to speak. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, words hurt more than other wound, because they never heal with time. Unnecessary talking leads to backbiting, lying and gossiping which not only hurt people but make you a sinner as well and you will not get anything positive done.



 Until next time…



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