1 + 1 Does Not Equal 2 Always.

So you must be thinking this chick keeps getting weirder by every post, but I believe these posts link what almost all of us deal with everyday; I know I do (and hence I post). So without any further ado lets get started. Lemme tell you what we’re learning today in the mathematics of life; BACKSTABBERS.



There are times in life where we genuinely care about the friends we make and the company we keep. Life is all rainbow and sunshines then and all seems unbelievingly perfect, until the most dreaded thing happens; betrayal. And we’re all torn up and confused, beating ourselves up for answers and punishing ourselves for probably mistakes we didn’t even make. Spending our time going over our days of ‘friendship’ trying to figure out where we went wrong. That is not even the worst part yet, the worst part is that when you were busy playing Mary Poppins, the other person was scheming it all along and they never even let you get a hint. They have been pretending to laugh with you, cry with you, share secrets, YOUR secrets and the real thing is that they never even cared half the time. And they are called backstabbers. Yes those nasty beings. And the only reason they ever befriended you is because they had a scheme all along to put yo down after getting all they wanted from you.

ImageIn today’s world, there is so much people want to achieve and if we don’t get it by the right means, we turn out to opt for the less righteous means and that’s when we morph into backstabbing, manipulating, nasty people who are nothing other than materialistic. And it doesn’t really put a golden star on our personality either, rather it shows that we are quite small minded people.


Always avoid being the backstabber, but this doesn’t mean you be the naive you that allows everyone to take advantage of you and your abilities. Rather, let’s all try being smarter. I know I am tired of the backstabbing people in my life because I’ve been taught to always see the good in people and give everyone a chance; yeah sometimes, that leads to further more problems and leads me back into the backstabbing cycle, where I appear to be the point of origin, always. So if you’re tired too, let’s make a pact:

1. Never become like the backstabbers we hate

2. Shutout/ Cut off people who have betrayed or double crossed you

3. Start fresh

4. Keep your guard up and let kindness define you

5. Never get too emotionally attached that you are blinded

6. If anyone else has gone through a similar situation, help them

7. Sit back, relax and let Karma do it’s job.



It’s a hard process, I know. But, with constant help and practice we can get over the emotional fractures we’ve faced. We will come across double faced people everyday, though I don’t get how much free time do they have to apply makeup on both faces, but the bottom line is to brace yourself and not be a whiner and to face challenges of life. Live, Learn, Love and Grow up. Because at the end of the day, if you’ve been hurt, fate’s gonna catch up with the one who hurt you, soon. Just make sure you don’t stumble upon the wrong path yourself. Be the bigger person and forgive but don’t forget what you’ve learnt. May you all have very happy lives.

Until next time…



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