The Wrongs That Set You Right


We live in a world where there is always good and bad happening in synchronisation. The good and the evil reside in coherence and either is never alone. If this balance in our life between good and evil tips to one specific side, our lives change accordingly but it never means that bringing the balance back or even shifting it to the other side isn’t possible.  It is definitely possible but here’s the weird part; setting the scale back to the right track is way more difficult than shifting it to the negative side. 

Actually, it is human nature to be attracted to things that appear mysterious and we all know mystery comes with darkness that our mind aches to explore. So when we make up the worst case scenarios in our mind and the actual thing doesn’t turn out to be that bad, we calm our mind down and self imprint ourselves as macho and not afraid. The urge to taste the thrill and danger keeps increasing and we go on trying those things and our dark side keeps expanding without us knowing until we are engulfed in our own darkness with no way out. That, friends is what I call self-destruction.


If we are told that we are treading on the wrong path at an early stage and we pay heed to what we’re being told rather than rebelling against it, since we mostly intend to, we can save ourselves from the awaiting self destruction. Now here’s another problem in the human psychology; being rebellious. We are attracted to what we don’t have or can’t do, so when told to stay away or steer clear of something, our curiosity instantly kicks in overdrive and  we can’t stop until we have achieved what we are looking for.

There are times when we realise our mistakes in time and we halt and try to set things right, and that is the first step to reformation. Now, reformation is of different types, one is enforced reformation where the law or other greater authorities evaluate and enforce you to change – that is the ultimate end choice. Other types are learning from your mistake and realising your mistake trance and breaking free from the spell before anything wrong happens, and the last is reforming after something bad happens due to your dark ways.

Whatever happens, the main thing is that we should be able enough to know the difference between wrong and right; leading our lives in either direction is totally our choice but in the end we should keep in mind that if our actions hurt our loved ones, it is time we change the direction of our life. I know change isn’t always easy and if your life doesn’t have the obstacles that we normally face, then your not living your life, your living someone else’s. Just remain true to yourself and remember the ability to see the good in everything and being able to set yourself right is the most powerful thing any person can ever do.

Always listen to your conscience as it is the voice of your soul.


Until next time…



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