Heads, I Win; Tails, You Lose

Ever been in those situations where you give it all you have and still lose to fate? I know I have been almost always. Do you know what that does to you, well, apart from break your heart and crush your soul? It fuels the lust for competitiveness in us. We go beyond borders to achieve what we want no matter what way we choose. The anger and the competitiveness combined, blinds us into not realising what we may be doing wrong until it is too late. It vanishes our sense of right and wrong for the time just so we can prove to the world, no, prove to us that we can get what we want. We beat ourselves up on the past, have no idea what we do and end up screwing our future.

Don’t get me wrong now, competitiveness is encouraged, yes, there’s no harm in a little pushing your limits, but over the years we mould ourselves into people we once swore we’d never be. Infact, you know what, that is our first mistake right there. You know if we ever fail, we take it to heart and make a huge fuss out of it, I know I may do so too at that moment, but what happens next is a very big decision to make and that is what sets the foundation of our personality. If we learn from our mistake, we haven’t really failed then; however, if we fail and end up in the wrong path that is when we’ve really failed ourselves.


How can I say all of this, you must be wondering, lemme prove my point with a very basic example that is quite available to most of you readers; siblings.

Yes, I choose sibling rivalry to guide you through this journey. Now most of you may have a sibling or more that is better than you at things your parents or the society holds highly; studies, sports, chores, manners, anything, and you may lack a little ’cause maybe your cloud of thoughts is a little different than what your family would like it to be. So at the end of the day, you are the one who keeps getting compared to your ‘better’ sibling(s) and you’re told your maybe weird or stuff like that. What does that make you do? You start to think, some may even believe what they’re told, and the you decide to prove yourself worthy and make a point. It starts with a little challenge and competition, and you keep getting better until you reach the point of equality or even in some cases superiority. What happens then? That is a choice we make, most people decide to keep their newly transformed self and go teach the people who doubted them a lesson or two, a very rare minority on the other hand, let’s go easy and settles for equality.

I know having a sibling rival either transforms you into the bestest of friends or may tear you further apart to the point of enmity. It all depends on you though. Personally, I can say proudly that I am highly grateful for being able to make the right decisions and actually finding a best friend in a formerly annoying sister. (She knows I love her dearly)


So, like I said, competitiveness is healthy, but then you do know that they say, excess of everything is bad. Learn when to stop pushing your limits and when to start accepting yourself as who you are.


Until next time…



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