Top Secret Mission: A.B.P

If you were hoping that I was going to talk about an actual secret mission, then that makes two of us disappointed, but sadly no secret agency has contacted me despite my passion for being a secret agent. Anyways, since you’ve already started reading, PLEASE be kind enough to stay and enjoy the rest.

See what I did there? I was being polite and asking you to PLEASE stay.


Now most of us know the magic words; please, excuse me and thank you. How often do we use them in our daily life?  You wanna know why these words are called magic words, it’s because they instantly show your image as a humble being and put you in good books for the next person and no one is purely evil to reject such a polite request. And well you know karma, what goes around comes around, meaning not one small act of kindness is wasted.


This brings me to Mission A.B.P.

A.B.P stands for Always Be Polite; nowadays in a fast paced life most of us take things for granted and don’t really value them, until lost. We show anger and put money and power together to get things done and threaten people. Last but not the least, we never really appreciate the other person for doing something but rather, we end up getting jealous and find ways to thwart the other person’s happiness for our own sake. Selfishness runs wild in today’s world and during all that we forget that none of us are living in paradise and no ones life is perfect as we assume it to be. Hatred and anger burn down the fragile bonds of humanity between one another. All this is due to the absence of polite behaviour and speech.

It is said that politeness can melt the harshest of hearts and it is because politeness is enveloped in love and it’s human nature to be attracted to love. When things can be done without much hassle then why do we still opt to show our power. Don’t forget that people who you have at your mercy, you may be at their mercy one day and if you’ve not treated them well, don’t for a second expect them to be any different. All of us have our own battles to fight and others may not see them, but the least we can do to each other is be kind and help.


Not just that, when we tend to be harsh our appearance changes to match our behaviour and all innocent glow is diminished, so remember, politeness keeps the heart and the soul young and fresh, the beautiful glow of your aura is just a bonus.

Stay Beautiful, Stay Polite.

Until next time…


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