The Fading Deed

As the world progresses, we all have newer things and traditions setting up, but  something we don’t realise we are losing in this modern era revolution are our morals and the basic etiquettes that were taught to us from the start. They say to gain something, you have to lose something, but what I can’t understand that why do most of us trade our morals and etiquettes for ‘modernization’.

Call me old fashioned or a misfit, but if we are going to up our teachings and souls for just being modern, then I’m sorry to say I don’t wanna be modern. I have actually seen my peers, the teenagers, deceiving their parents for the most bizarre reasons and having absolutely no self respect. They don’t mind being treated like trash and then go treat their family like trash, which is an alarmingly sad situation. Lying, cheating, and vicious behaviours are becoming more common, wiping away any traces of the golden rules anyone’s parents may have told. And you’ll be shocked when I tell you the reason that plays a major part in all of this – GRATITUDE.

Confused? Lemme explain. See gratitude isn’t just by words, it is payed by actions and behaviour as well. Gratitude is that one thing that keeps the world going round, it is the basic rule of karma’s happenings and it is a whisper from the heart.


You see, everything happens for a GOOD reason, all you have to do is to look hard enough to see the good in everything. But if you believe that the world is out there to thwart your plans and is after you, then chances are you’ve never been thankful in your life, which is why you ended up like this. Being thankful for what you have is a sign of positivity and it eventually makes you happy with everything you’ve been blessed with because there are people  that even have less than you, but they still manage to be happy.


It is also said that nothing new can come into your life unless you are thankful for the things you already have. So no matter what age we come into, no matter how advanced we get, we should always stay humble and be thankful for all that we have, because there are many that don’t even have what we do.

I try to be thankful for anything and everything that happens to me, no matter how bad it may seem at the moment, but I know that in the end, it will have something good to it.

So, THANK YOU and Until next time…


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