In A Land Far Far Away…



You may be thinking that I am going to talk about fairytales and magic, and the answer is yes I am. Well, not entirely but just a little pinch of it won’t hurt no story, right?

So, we have all grown up reading and watching amazing stories, some that even may have taken place in front of us and they all left the inner child in all of us amazed and in awe. It all starts with making up similar situations in our mind at night and keeping yourself as the main character. These are the very first symptoms of being a dreamer. It continues on with establishing a mind set and setting a goal to achieve. All these are the small steps that we take to create our own fantasy.


Who isn’t fond of fairy tales? I mean, having a happy ending after facing a fearsome dragon or task is all we crave for and it’s always there in the back of our heads. This craving is only satisfied by the achievement of the goal or dream we set. Most succeed and then proceed with another dream they would like to accomplish but most need to work hard because their goal is bigger. Any dream is priceless and even if people tell you it’s no use, don’t let their words hider you; instead, achieve that dream and show them that this is what you wanted and you got it. 

People usually shun other people’s dreams or values just as an act of backlash to their plans backfiring or simply because they don’t believe in something. It is sad seeing that people stop believing in their just because somebody else told them it was pointless. If it were so pointless to you, you wouldn’t have wanted to achieve it in the first place, so don’t put yourself down by doubting your decision. Rather work with determination and all could be yours.


Take miracles for example, they happen to those who believe in them, and by now you should know that believing is the first step to achieving. It’s the basic  foundation of all dreams. You sometimes might have to take a leap of faith, but always know that if you fall, you’ll learn to fly eventually. Remember, if you can dream it, you can do it; you just gotta put your heart and soul into it.

I know, big words, you must be thinking, but hey I am a dreamer too and I hate people crumbling under pressure and giving up on things they held on most too. Your dreams are precious wishes your heart makes, they are the twinkle in your eyes, without them your world would be just black and white. No matter what people say or think how bizarre your dream may be, it’s yours to achieve and you are the captain of your cruise. Always dream big and never give up hope. 



If you don’t have a dream, start now. It is never to late to dream, trust me, if you want a happy life, dream big and don’t be afraid of the journey because that’ll teach you a lot of things too. Dreams are just milestones in our lives and there is no age limit signing up for them, start small, start slow, but start today. And as you keep reaching those milestones, you’re life will be a story worth telling. Challenge yourself, dream a little bigger than before, because remember, only the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are actually the ones that do. 


Until next time…


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