The Currency of Fate – SUCCESS


We all have hopes, dreams and goals to achieve. Sometimes we are lucky enough to get what we want quite quickly and without much fuss, but sometimes fate really makes us work for it. Success holds a different meaning in everyone’s dictionary but the basic foundation of success still remains the same. The first step in the direction of success is to dream. ‘Cause when you can dream it, you can do it.


We often find ourselves giving up, soon after a single jolt of reality in our life. We tend to look for easier ways to get things done and before we know it, we lose all enthusiasm and just do the thing to just get it off our list. All the dreams lose meaning if you don’t strive to achieve them. You may be on top of the world once you get it done, but deep inside your soul would be buried underneath the guilt.


I have been way too much of a dreamer for my family to handle, in fact for most people to handle. I am the girl who used to say that I wanna do so much that my life may fall short and I am still pursuing a lot of my dreams at the same time and heaven be kind, I am glad to say that I see myself being the person I want to in a few years. No, it has not been all sunshine and rainbows for me. I have had to go through a lot of dark, stormy nights, doubting myself and wishing it’d all be over, but I would always get up the next morning more determined than before and head out into the battlefield.

Guess the lesson here is that success comes to  those who work for it, not those who just dream about it. It’s the journey that you will remember in the end.



Make sure your meaning of success is the right one, because your attitude determines your altitude in life. with that said, here’s what success is meant to be defined as:

ImageUntil next time…





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