Come One, Come All!

So we all know how awkward family dinners can be, let me be the first to say that I hate family dinners. Alright I don’t hate family dinners, heck I’m all hands on board for quality family time, but, gosh is there an easier way to say I have a group of very weird relatives??

Firstly, I am currently in my homeland, which is a new place for me, since I wasn’t brought up here neither do I know anything about it. But, now that I am here, I have this bunch of relatives calling me over for dinner and your damn right it is very polite of them and I appreciate their efforts of making me feel comfortable, but as soon as the hellos and hugs end, BAM!! comes in the awkward bomb. And the dinner table is the worst.

The thing is that they all live here in the same freaking city for God’s sake, they all meet up twice a week, but when I come along, it’s gonna be like a oh its been so long, let’s chat about the obvious happenings of the city that we’re all aware of and keep the poor girl who has in a new country bored and torture her throughout the night. GOSH! And that’s not just the end of it, it is like they’ll keep busy, take their time ordering and then when dinner comes they won’t let me eat in peace. It all starts with the most awkward questions brown people ask. I am not used to such blunt, downright awkward questions and they make me hella uncomfortable. So under the spotlight at dinner time, consider my night ruined and my mind racing to find the perfect explanation to why did I even accept in the first place.


And since I have no cousins my age, I mostly get stuck in between choosing mature conversations or baby-sitting the younger ones. Anyhow, I am an entertainment package and I can keep myself occupied but there are limits to tolerance of boredom too.

Gosh I must sound like a snob at right now, but trust me I am the exact opposite; I go  attend dinners, engage in convos and laugh at even the lamest jokes, play with the little cousins even if it makes me look like a fool in public, and give my opinions on things my elder cousins may be talking about.

Its just that I wanted to share my inner thoughts on how awkward family dinners with your relatives can be esp. when you don’t have your parents around.  So I guess I have no proper end-phrase for this rant except that, no matter how uncomfortable you may be, just respect and honour the love that your family gives you. And also that I miss my parents a lot.


Until next time…



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