Sweet Tooth for Mistakes

I have always been the kid in the family that could luckily get away with whatever trouble I caused, but now that I see it, it kinda raged my cravings of causing trouble. Okay, I know this is a huge confession, so it must have a back story and you are absolutely right, it does.

I know I come off to people as, well, the innocent, lost in her world, studious girl, but you do know they tell you to not judge the book by it’s cover right?! Woah hold up, now I’m not saying that I am not any of those things, heck I’m all of those things, BUT just a little more. See, being the nice guy, or girl in my case is a pretty good thing when you need to get out of trouble, but what causes all this trouble? I’d like you to meet a little friend of mine, which you all are probably familiar with; mistakes.

I AM THE MISTAKE EXPERT AND I HAVE PROOF! If there was a career in making mistakes, I bet you I’d be the top paid employee, better yet, I’d be the one owning the company. People often say that intelligent people rarely make mistakes, that is where they are wrong. Because being intelligent isn’t all books and ideas, it’s learning from your mistakes and growing to be a better person.


 Now there are chances that many of us are making a mistake at this very moment, and no I don’t mean reading my blog, ’cause that’s no mistake. We as humans are bound to make mistakes, even Adam and Eve came to Earth as a punishment to a mistake they made, so see, it’s human nature. But repeating the same mistakes over and over can get pretty annoying and pointless. For example, people falling for the same old wrong company, that’s no mistake, you need to change your way of thinking,

I have been the one to make mistakes to cover up people’s mistakes and it further lead me into the inescapable maze of mistakes, until one day I realised that I had to think before acting or speaking because you see I have a habit of putting my foot in my mouth and mess things up even more than they originally are. The real reason behind me making most mistakes is that I let my heart steer while my brain should be doing that and I’m always the one who acts on spontaneously not thinking what the consequences may be and regret it later. If you ask me whether I would like to change that about myself then well, i would probably say no. Wanna know why, it’s because our mistakes are kinda like the wrong turns that help us get on the right track, They may be under emotional circumstances where my brain completely loses control, but it shows that I have a heart that cares. And most of all, they carve out our personalities and teach us how to react to things.

And if you don't try anything new, you will never learn.

And if you don’t try anything new, you will never learn.

If anyone tells you that you are wrong, don’t get mad at them, rather be proud of yourself that you are in a process of learning something new in life, something that most people are afraid of. And to me, people who make mistakes are quite brave as they are not afraid to fail and get back on their feet again. But if you are constantly making the same mistake, it’s time you realised that you may be wrong and may need help. There is nothing wrong with asking for help because it is also a way of learning. So keep making mistakes and keep learning, because otherwise your life would be pretty damn boring and monotonous.

Until next time…



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