Painting Wings With Words



I have known deep down since my very first poem that I was bound to get entranced by the magical ideology of writing. To me writing is freedom to express, to create and most of all to experience everything beyond what the world has to offer. It is a very powerful weapon and can make or destroy lives completely. How you wonder, lemme enlighten you.

There are three types of writers in this world; the ones who create world’s most renowned fantasies, the ones who give up on their dreams and the ones that use writing to hurt others people when all options fail. Yes words are used to hurt. Infact, you know what words don’t just hurt, they kill. Whoever said that the pen is mightier than the sword may not have seen the irony at that time but it is true, all wounds heal with time except the ones that we inflict with our words.

I never thought I would have had a serious thought about my writing but I wasn’t unaware either. All my life I had this special passion of science but during that I went through my well, wanna be scientist days, and I would write down all my ideas of the great inventions I thought that would make the world, well my superficial world, a better place. So yeah, I started with that and my love for music translated out on the pages as lyrics and I absolutely loved writing my own songs and God may have known that so He blessed me with an equally beautiful voice. (No bragging, promise. I have been complemented by many. 😀 )  I still do write songs because to me they are a beautiful and creative way to express your feelings and trust me, I am one BIG emotional package.


Later came on days when I would be all alone and I really had nobody to communicate with and I was pumped up on the idea of having a pen pal but unfortunately I never got the chance, so I would just write down in my diary and let it all out. Trust me, it helped me through my rebel days as my conscience would kick in the next day  when i would re-read my thoughts. But I still denied my writer self and pushed it to a corner in mind to focus on science and pursue my dream of being a doctor… everyone’s dream. Now don’t get it wrong, I am still all in for being a doctor because I love science, it fascinates me, but then again, if I ever get the chance to consider myself as a writer or at least take a step in that direction, I believe I would. 



Okay now most of you may be doubting my choice of career, but lemme tell you that I have not completely given up on my dreams and now I am currently in process of writing my own novel and I am absolutely in love with it. It is my guilty pleasure to take time off of studies and go write further chapters and there are times when I re-read those chapters for proofreading purposes and leave myself in awe (is that even possible?!) by the deep shit I can type. Lol, I guess sometimes it is the inner child in me combined with my experiences spilling onto those pages.



Knowing you have the ability to do do something better than others can also lead to pride and then to the inevitable downfall raging the person to backfire and let down others who can’t achieve them. THAT IS WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS. So whatever you do, never let pride block your path to glory.

The reason I started my blog was not only to keep my friends and family entertained (Thank you for being my best fans and critics) but also because I wanted to share my love for writing with all of you wonderful people out there. I have learnt a lot and I believe that I can inspire someone to be the best of themselves and know that if no one stands for you, it doesn’t matter, your words can be your guards and your wings to freedom. 



So keep following your dreams.

Until next time…



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