From Home to Homeland


It is said that home is where the heart is; however, in these past years I’ve come to love a place which is not my home land but it is my home. Ironically, I left my home to go to my home land, to pursue my education. Be reminded that I’ve rarely visited my homeland and I am as new to it as any tourist.

Now, I know the value of getting a good education and the blessing of a family, BUT I personally am still not quite settled yet with the idea of moving away. The day I was to fly to my homeland, I had one mantra in my head chanting ‘It’s gong to be okay’ but deep inside I knew it would be hard. So, I kept fooling my heart and tricking my brain, but the moment I set foot on the airport, I burst into tears of reality knowing I wasn’t going to see my family enough and not being able to sit around with them or call them on any minor problem I had, due to the time differences. It stabbed my heart.

It’s been a week and three days now and I can say that I’m getting much better at well, handling myself and my waterworks. I still well up after every Skype session with my parents, but I never let them see the tears or hear my voice crack, ’cause I know how much effort they’ve put in to keep me up with my studies and I would never do anything to  disappoint them.


That’s the best feeling ever.

Anyhow, I know I have a long journey up ahead, but now I am more determined and strong-minded than the girl I was that landed on the airport. So, all I can hope is that I get into an amazing university and do what I was sent here for. That way I can go back home in time and recall upon this adventure that I have embarked.

Until next time…



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